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belladonna, i love you

if you’re unfamiliar with the talented and beautiful belladonna, this won’t be nearly as sublime:

sorry, no yiffing

…actually no, i’m not sorry

“Back in MY day…”

Another piece from Reason about Bettie Page and the social evolution of “perverse”. Not to ruin it, but here’s one of the many lemmas for my praise of Reason:

“A pair of panties could add 10 years to Lindsay Lohan’s career. If the young star ever realizes this, the Bettie Page boutique is ready to sell them to her.”

You think DVDA is a pain…

An unfortunate piece hit news stands today noting that Iranian parliament has passed a measure, now at the feet of their Guardian Council, seeking to put the death penalty on the table for pornographers. Here’s a light-hearted work-up in The Register and a bit more detail from Disney’s

The Naked Renaissance

This Reuters Piece found here in Reason Online reminds us of the ones who are held back.  Life in prison for a webmaster, up to ten years for an “organizer”, of a pornographic website in China.  You’d think a country with over 1.3 billion people would be a little friendlier to alternative sexual outlets.