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With the bleeding edge of media technology well-honed on the financial backbone of adult entertainment, it has been established that mature content is a perpetual early adopter and economic promoter of new methods of media promulgation. Here we seek to examine the emerging trends of social pornography and develop an understanding of its implications in the age of ubiquitous computing.

From the first risque bitmaps encoded as text on publicly available Usenet newsgroups, to mobile-to-mobile intimate video messaging shorts, we the people have embraced each advance in networked media with open arms and wide-open minds. We hope to evoke productive, thoughtful discussion of the prurient side of Internet life: how it facilitates growth of our sensual identities, the challenges it faces in a conservative world, its role in our interpersonal lives, and what lies ahead.

This blog is editorially controlled, and forums proved too unmanageable on a small staff,  but your well-meaning comments are always welcome.